Six Items Challenge : Day 6

19 February 2018 | Conscious Fashion

Wore my M-24 backpack made of used truck tarpaulin to the Designer Showrooms today.  Fashion week has a growing number of sustainable brands and stands – one being The Sustainable Angle, a not for profit organisation dedicated to projects that promote sustainable practices throughout the fashion supply chain.  In collaboration with model Arizona Muse, they showcased how fashion sustainable materials can be.

The gold dress and skirt were designed by Arizona herself with Georgie Macintyre and produced in Piñatex – a pineapple leather made from the leaf fibre.

All designs in their exhibition were realised in responsibly produced sustainable materials like this organic cotton smiley sweatshirt by Edeline Lee and the Tencel pieces below by Felder + Felder.

Other innovations included silk that doesn’t require killing silk worms in the process and bio-degradable sequins – a sparkling case for the fact that sustainability is not a passing trend, but an urgent call for action in fashion.

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