About Reclaimed Woman

I’m Sara Morel and I created Reclaimed Woman to connect the choices we make for ourselves, our homes and the planet.


After renovating my home almost entirely with reclaimed materials, I was encouraged to live, work and even dress differently. 

A former fashion publicist, having started my career working for Gucci, I spent over 10 years in fashion communications. Now CEO of Salvo, the destination for reuse, with a network and marketplace for architectural antiques, reclaimed building materials and storied interiors. I am working on the rollout of Salvo’s Truly Reclaimed certification which ensures that a product is genuinely antique or reclaimed rather than just resembling the old. I also consult on reuse in design, sustainability and retail tech and I source antique and reclaimed materials. 

Profiled by ELLE Japan, Reloved, Red and Reclaim magazine, often for the eco-friendly renovation of my first flat in London. I also write, contribute to articles and speak about sustainability and my experience of reuse in construction, interiors and fashion.

It is easy to forget that five years ago – when I created Reclaimed Woman – it was much harder to find sustainable choices, whether looking for more eco ways to dress ourselves or our homes. So as well as sharing the journey of my reclaimed renovation, I also began researching brands and interviewing people who integrate circular principles into their work to learn from those who are genuinely doing it differently. On the surface, it seems like everything has advanced hugely, and the word sustainable is part of our mainstream language. But in fashion terms, it can be hard to separate the green from the washing, so I still seek out and share ideas and places to help you (and me) source more consciously, often by reusing what’s already out there.