3 PR tips you could pick-up from your UPS driver

Thankfully things have moved on since my first days in fashion PR as an intern aka glorified parcel deliverer, but whether you are looking to get into PR or making steps to PR your own brand, there are things you could learn from your UPS driver.

  Map your route to cover more ground with fewer stops

PR is the strategy for your story.  Map out the process and plan your interactions.  Your moves make the story you want people to tell about you and your brand.

Driving in reverse is discouraged

There will be times you find editorial or an opportunity where you or your brand didn’t make the edit or wasn’t even in the running.  Don’t email bomb or call with ideas fitting for a feature that has already been published. Acknowledge it, but don’t dwell on it because that editor or influencer has moved onto their next piece and so should you.

 They deliver some odd things

But you shouldn’t.  When pitching to press –  make it easy, make it engaging, try to put yourself in their position.  Is your product, launch, collaboration relevant for their style and content?  Or is there a unique angle that might work for them if it doesn’t immediately align with what they regularly do?  Avoid odd, but don’t shy away from surprising.

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Reclaimed Woman